New York Urban Hydro-Meteorological Testbed (NY-uHMT)

Welcome to CREST NY-uHMT Website

Following research questions will be answered using NY-uHMT datasets:

  • What is the role played by soil moisture deficit between the urban and surrounding rural areas, in exacerbating urban air temperature and how does it impact the microclimate of the cities, local and regional climate?
  • How incorporation of urbanization data into the flash flood guidance system by creating the static grid/pixels would help to identify and isolate areas where land development has altered the runoff characteristics of the New York City Area?
  • Can integration of ground based in-situ observation with radar and urbanized Weather Research and Forecasting (uWRF) model used to understand the spatial and temporal distribution of heavy rainfall that are influenced by urban heat island, urban canopy and urban aerosols, updated by higher resolution soil moisture records?

* Two weather stations were installed at (1) Queens Botanical Garden and (2) Queensborough Community College in 22nd June 2016.
* 3rd weather stations were installed at Ronald Edmonds Learning Center MS113 on 20th April 2017.
* 4rd weather stations were installed at Brownsville Branch, Brooklyn Public Library on 14th June 2017.

* All stations will be planned to install in summer 2017.


Location with Green Stars are installed sites.
Location with Red Stars are proposed sites.
All sites planned to installed in Summer 2017