NNhirs Dataset


** Product updated on 8/31/2015 **
nnHIRS is a time varying data product reporting the global variations of the vertical distributions of atmospheric temperature and relative humidity. The format is netCDF4.0. The product reports global maps every three hours of the vertical profiles from surface to top of atmosphere (defined to be at 10 mb) of the temperature and relative humidity. The temperature and relative humidity are reported at up to nineteen pressure levels, defined by sixteen standard pressures (if present above topography), at the surface (taken to be an estimate of the 2m values), at the tropopause and at the maximum temperature level. The maximum temperature level may either be at the surface or at another pressure if a near-surface temperature inversion is present. The pressures of the latter three special levels are reported. Flag values indicate origin codes of the measurements in each map grid cell and the time of original measurements. Land area fraction is also provided. The map grid is the ISCCP 1.0 degree-equivalent equal-area grid. The period covered is 1979 08 through 2014 11.

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