The theme of the Forum is "Advancing NOAA-Mission STEM Fields through Education and Research Collaborations: Building on a Successful 15-Year Partnership with Minority Serving Institutions" The Forum will emphasize the important role educational partners such as the four EPP/MSI Cooperative Science Centers (NCAS, ECSC, LMRCSC and CREST) have contributed to the NOAA community in the last 15 years by advancing NOAA sciences, student training, mentoring, adding diverse members to workforce, and increasing awareness of NOAA science mission to communities external to NOAA.

The purpose of the Forum is to showcase and promote NOAA education and scientific research accomplishments conducted at the CSCs and to present results through oral and poster presentations by students, faculty and NOAA scientists and managers. Other participants will include the private sector and the NGO community, invited members of US Congress, NOAA and invited speakers. With the current fiscal environment, participants will also explore ways to enhance efficiencies with partnerships between NOAA and the public and private sectors. More than 60 percent of the Forum participants will be students pursuing post-secondary degrees in various NOAA STEM fields.

The Eighth Forum will include plenary sessions featuring invited speakers from the US Congress and NOAA leadership. The technical session will focus on NOAA's four long-term goals:

  • Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Weather-Ready Nation
  • Healthy Oceans; and
  • Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies.

Student-oriented activities will provide networking opportunities for students from across all (4) four CSCs and non-CSC, NOAA Scientists, and private sectors representatives. A poster session will feature the results of research by students and professionals.

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