Judging and Session Chairs

Instructions for Chairs/Co-Chairs

1. By August 25, please go to the link (Technical Agenda)

to review the abstracts for the presentation in your session to be familiar with the subject of the presentations.

You can also view abstract using the Forum App which is available in the App Stores (Android, IOS and Blackberry) EPPFORUM2016.

2. By August 25, please communicate with your co-chair to coordinate announcement of papers and brief introduction of the speakers

4. Prior to your session, please confirm with the designated on-site Forum Technical Session Volunteers/Staff that all presentation in your session have been uploaded prior to the session scheduled time.

5. If there are last minute withdrawals or absentees, then please inform the audience and consider a short break or have an extended Q&A session.

6. Please keep strictly to the schedule. The Forum schedule is very tight and there is no flexibility to allow for presentation that may run over the allotted time. It is preferred that the presenter limits their presentation time to allow for approximately 3 minutes for Q&A.

7. The Co-Chairs will initiate the Q&A after each presentation. Please call on the attendees with questions in an orderly manner to allow one question per attendee unless there are no other questions by other audience/participants.

8. If there are no questions by the audience, please be prepared to start the Q&A by posing a question to the presenter.

On behalf of the Forum Executive and Technical Program Committee, thank you again for your contributions and support for the NOAA EPP/MSI Program.

Instructions for Judges (oral and posters)

  1. Each judge will be provided with a list of oral or poster presentations to be judged ahead of time, including dates/times and relevant poster numbers to be judged. Judges will also be given access to review the short and extended abstracts on-line prior to the Forum. Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the posters that you will judge.
  2. Please arrive on time to either the oral or poster presentation and give yourself adequate time to judge each presentation.
    Judges will submit their scores using a URL provided in an email notification.

Judging Criteria

Scoring sheets provide judges with the criteria to be used for assessing both oral and poster presentations, which are available at the lins below:

Please NOTE, You will be required to enter the scores online using the URL provided in an email sent to you.

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